Project Name: Matto Beirut

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Date Completed: 2017

A home grown brand based on classic Italian food with a side of mischief, MATTO aims to recast the archetypal Italian dining experience. With a carefully crafted menu created by the Italian culinary brigade, each hearty dish salutes guests to feel right at home and learn to speak the language, one bite at a time.

The space is designed using industrial materials, black metal, and natural wood. To give a sense of a “Matto” feel, wine candle bottles are placed around along with different sized framed photos on the brick walls. The restaurant is placed among the open kitchen and the bar, bringing people together in a fresh and vibrant positive ambiance.

The back bar consists of metal rods stacked on top of each other. The stacking provides place for bottle display. It creates a sense of translucency between the front side (restaurant dining area) and back side (WC hallway). The colour palate on the outdoor terrace goes hand in hand with Adjaye’s Aishti Mall facade.

The placement of active elements on each side, make the place lively at every corner. The DJ booth is positioned at the right side of the restaurant and on the other end is the open kitchen, and a feature bar at the centre, making full use of the space in the best way possible.