Project name: Marinella House

Location: Hong Kong

Date completed: January 2018

Interior Designer: Kim Wong

Developer: K. Wah International Holdings Ltd

Construction Company: Times Creative Construction Ltd.

The property is 4 bedroom three-storey house with garden terrace. The area including balcony is approximate 2600 sq. ft. The house has been designed, in order to be located aside the yacht club; this is because the client wanted to create a home in a contemporary and elegant style, recalling also a marine theme, which was fundamental, so as to be matched with the overall environment and atmosphere of the property. Additionally, the home has been projected in order to have multiple functions, such as:  a beautiful space for entertaining, as well as a cosy place for families, which desire to relax. This glamorous house is inspired by Italian style. Decorated with a stylish interior which bring out the best of its resort-style ambience. The designer wanted to create a modern Italian look for the interior, with accents of gold throughout the home to add to its wow factor. To add to the modern Italian look, we used walnut veneer finishes, beige colour leather and metallic details, inspired by Italian luxury furniture. Moreover, the combination of shapes, eras and textures utilized in the design, originates an interesting, artistic home, while the warm colours used are able to remind the client the natural and comfortable surrounding environment. As it is possible to see from the photograph, there is a continuation of the theme of marine collection; this is because the designer applied some sea lines and blue tone elements, accompanied with bright colours and lines neat decorations, so that the overall design could be more vivid.