Project Name: L’uliveto

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Date Completed: September 2018

Interior Designer: GG&Grace International

Hotel Group/Developer: Accor / Nile City

Construction Company: Grid Fine Finishes

Fairmont Nile City’s latest Italian concept brings authentic Italian cuisine to the capital. L’Uliveto is an all-day dining restaurant with a remarkable view of the Nile. It is not an ordinary restaurant where customers go simply for a delicious meal, but rather an entire experience. In fact, it can be said that from the moment the door opens, and the customer enters the restaurant, they are transported to an entire atmosphere of a dynamic food theatre. They can smell the fresh bakery, fresh olives and lemon trees upon their arrival. Not only that, but also live cooking is a main concept in L’ Uliveto. Chefs prepare the most delicious Italian pasta with cheese in front of the customer allowing the main actors of the play ‘the chefs’ to show their passion while preparing the food and giving the audience or ‘the customers’ chance to interact with them.

With a design inspired by the Mediterranean, the restaurant colour scheme uses natural greens and blues – a concept of where continents meet the sea – and the diversity of cultures and tradition are translated into the interior elements. Lúliveto is not just a normal traditional Italian cuisine that could be in any other city in the world due to its location in Cairo. However, a cuisine that respects its identity and at the same time reflects the surrounding environment; the Nile in Cairo.

The key aspect of the project is the bar, an 8-metre-long bar with bold colours and striking character. The bar cladding is sophisticatedly detailed, a wood finish painted in gradients of blue reflecting the different shades of blue in the Mediterranean Sea. The cutting technique of the tiles is meticulous as it is inspired by the fish scales. The bar ceiling has the same curved shape as the bar itself. It is formed of white vintage wooden panels from which a log with glass lighting features is suspended giving it a sense of warmth and friendliness. Finally, the wall cladding of the bar backdrop is not just a wallpaper, but hand painted art, inspired by the Italian classic motifs.