Project Name Long Huang

Location: Zurich

Date Completed: October 2018

Interior Designer: Studio Frey AG


Studio Frey focused their design of the new Long Huang restaurant in Zurich’s Taistrasse lies on raw materials and Asian inspired patterns. Craftsman-like techniques with modern design and graphic elements create a contemporary and authentic impression. Custom made furniture, lamps and partitions give the Asian restaurant an individuality and at the same time a passionate character. The materials are rounded off with appliques and embroideries, combined with a harmonious colour scheme of blue, petrol and red.

The inspiration and concepts were to create a pan Asian restaurant inspired by a modern interpretation of traditional elements. The mix between graphical elements and custom-made furniture led to an open space where the three different areas blend into each other. The open restaurant with on-show kitchen, defining the centre of the space suggests ideal conditions for a relaxed get-together. Alcantara upholstered benches, Asian inspired wallpaper in red matching the wall lamps designed by Studio Frey in combination with the pendant lamps from Servomotor provide the right amount of lighting to convey a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

The takeaway area and the bar counter are located in the light-flooded entrance area. With traditional Asian pendant lamps and a mix of chairs with different colours and an inviting atmosphere in the take-away area is created. Close to the entrance a staircase leads down to the restrooms, where the guests enter a world of blue coloured walls with an Asian inspired wallpaper. The wall lamps designed by Studio Frey convey the right amount of light to provide a spacious feeling.

At the back of the restaurant, there is a large room for private occasions. Depending on the desired size, the room can be divided with revolving walls. The partition walls are equipped with acoustic panels, which underline the private atmosphere. The room is equipped with petrol blue walls, a woven wallpaper by Arte and wall and pendant lights by Servomotor, which offers a modern and comfortable atmosphere with the specially designed chairs by Studio Frey.