Project name: Katamama

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Date completed: April 2016

Architect: Andra Matin

Interior designer: Takenouchi Webb & Potato Head Studio in-house team

Hotel Developer:  PT. ISA DEVELOPMENT

Construction Company: PT. ISA DEVELOPMENT

Katamama and each of its suites has been hand-finished with an eye and touch for detail and a consideration for what is sustainable. Katamama means “mama says…” in the native Bahasa Indonesia language. A reference to the wisdom handed down from generation to generation, in this same way, the design of Katamama has many stories to tell. Balancing tradition with modernity, Katamama showcases and preserves Indonesia’s centuries-old crafts in a contemporary context for all to experience. Katamama welcomes anyone who appreciates authenticity, eco-centric accommodation and extraordinary design.

Conceived from contemporary imagination and centuries-old Indonesian traditions, Katamama is a boutique hotel designed by leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin. Over 1.5 million temple bricks, coconut shell-fired and moulded, make up Katamama’s majestic facade, each one a labour of love handcrafted by local artisans. The time-honoured technique with which they are made is what gives them their deep red hue and imbues them with the distinct spirit of Bali. The geometrically shaped architecture of the building was conceptualised to complement the tropical topography of the natural surroundings. Reflecting the architectural tradition of Tropical Modernism, the formal qualities and essential concepts of modernism are considered, yet local materials and techniques better suited to the environment are adapted.

At Katamama luxury is in the handmade, with no detail left unconsidered. The cutting-edge environment of each of the 57 suites features bespoke mid-century-modern furnishings, hand-dyed textiles and sustainably derived amenities. There’s an emphasis on making oneself at home; an in-room bar—complete with house-made spirits like the local favourite arak—a soaking tub framed by an expansive window, and contemporary artworks from artists across the archipelago.

Custom-made midcentury-modern furniture, hand-dyed fabrics, locally sourced amenities, outdoor lounge and contemporary artwork by Indonesian creatives make our hotel an atmospheric home from home. Because the design is done with guest needs in mind i.e. there is no actual lobby because people hate check-in, instead of the old-school mini bar, we put actual bar inside each suite. The restaurant is also designed more like a lounge that’s focusing on communal living and lounging rather than cafeteria-style restaurants that most hotels have. Katamama is designed with tropical climate in mind so it adapts well with the change of season between wet and dry in Bali, so it’s comfortable for our guests, no matter what the climate is.