Project Name: Iris Beirut Waterfront

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Date Completed: 2018

Located in Beirut Waterfront SeaSide Pavilion, Iris offers the ultimate bar & lounge experience, featuring a globally infused kitchen and international visionary specialty cocktails, staggering sea views, along with live international bands and local DJs. Opening its doors in late 2010, Iris Beirut continues to lead the industry as one of the best rooftop lounges in the world.

The design is about creating a comfortable environment in a well-designed space, without being overly noticeably designed. The core elements consist of a long rectangular bar, half seated half standing, a central table, a long couch on the side, an onyx table for fruit display at the entrance and surrounding lounges. A new area has been added, emphasized with angled lines versus original gridded layout, allocating a pool deck for casual walk ins.

The lights at Iris, designed by PSLab, give a warm feel to the space. They are inspired from urban street lights. The design works so well in a coherent way. It is functional, also aesthetically soothing. Neutral colours ranging from shades of grey have been introduced to the furniture to go along with the concrete floor and wood decking, giving the space a timeless feel. The green comes from the plants surrounding the space and the yellow from the warm tones of Iris’s light bulbs.

The entrance at the ground floor blends in with the building’s architecture, marking Iris’s presence is a subtle way. This explains the use of mirrors for the elevator block, reflecting the whiteness of surrounding material with having Iris’s pattern light up from within.