Project name: Hua Ting

Location: Orchard Hotel, Singapore

Interior Designer: Axis.ID Pte Ltd

Modern, Authentic, and Nostalgic. These are the 3 design principles that we (at AXIS ID) have embedded in recreating Hua Ting Fine Dining Restaurant; with only a single signature branch at Singapore’s lifestyle hub throughout time, we wanted Hua Ting to stay true to its ideals and practices, that has accompanied to its success.

A design representing a fine balance between tradition and progression.

Starting from the grand entry, guests are welcome with the richness of colours, unusual sensations, that are created by a perfect combination of materials and textures with available means. And as one progress through the space and through the gallery flanked by intricately crafted Chinese screen, the space evoked an image of serenity and calm. The journey and experience continue until the corridor, where the smaller semi-private rooms were hidden like a gem behind the archway and another set of Chinese screens. Inside the semi-private rooms, the elements of designs are well orchestrated; the symmetry in layout plan creates perfect alignment of every feature on the wall, in relation to the furniture and ceiling detail.

Progressing further, within the restaurant it is possible to see 5 more proper private dining rooms, which are lavished in a design no lesser than its rich history, with silk fabric panelling, that portrays the richness of Chinese culture and design.

Moreover, well deep within the restaurant, the WIP room can host 20 persons on a feature table that can shrink to a smaller size without much effort. The prevailing red silk fabric panelling creates an ambience, which is worthy of its VIP guests. These panels are well curated, in order to ensure the perfect proportion of every detail is well displayed. Finally, to complete the space, a feature display niche has been chosen, so as to showcase true authentic antique Chinese cabinets, which bring the entire space into its glorious time.