Project Name: Hotel Elephant Weimar, Autograph Collection

Location: Weimar, Germany

Date Completed: 2019

Interior Designer: Bost Interior Design

Hotel Group: Autograph Collection by Marriott / Arcona Hotels & Resorts / Hirmer Gruppe

Construction Company: DSH

The Hotel Elephant is one of the oldest guesthouses in Germany, with a “Who’s Who” of elite and noteworthy guests. All the greats from their eras such as Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Thomas Mann and many Bauhaus artists met here regularly to socialise, drink and rub shoulders.

One of the central elements of Goethe’s colour theory is his colour circle of the basic colours yellow, blue and red, and their mixed colours of green, orange and violet. His colour theory is based on the polar contrast between light and dark, between yellow and blue. Yellow is therefore at the border to brightness, and blue at the border to darkness. All other colours are created from a mixture of these two poles.

The aim of the project was to convey to the guest and the visitor the extensive history and the associated uniqueness of the house, while being transformed into a modern form of a city hotspot. Even the suites of the hotel borrowed their names from the art, literature and architectural luminaries who were once guests: Lyonel Feininger, Thomas Mann, Walter Gropius and others.

Bost Interior Design wanted to transfer this concept to the entire hotel, beginning with the Richard Wagner Hall. This was made accessible to the public and specially to give the Weimarers a space where they can sit with a good drink and their very own history in a comfortable seating corner and indulge in books and illustrated books. Art treasures that have been arranged throughout the house should be placed on the walls of the hall. Bost Interior Design were able to achieve a relaxed, modern approach to the combination of history and the present throughout the hotel, a lifestyle product in which modern art is also part of the concept.