Project Name: The Hide Hotel

Location: Switzerland

Date Completed: November 2018

Interior Designer: Stylt Trampoli AB

Architect: Gabriella Hoerler, Gross Rüegg Architekten

Developer: MGM Hospitality Gruppe

Construction Company: Invita / Baulink

The Hide Hotel, located in Flims, Switzerland, is a re-thought mountain resort that fuses progressive alpinist interiors with cool luxe and voguish sophistication.

Stylt was to create an independent hotel and restaurant, located in Stenna Flims. The overall architecture of the entire building had to be taken into consideration, determining to what extent the hotel would match or contrast with the building. The hotel was to stand as a clear contrast to the restrained architecture of the huge newbuilt complex, fusing progressive alpinist interiors with cool luxe and voguish sophistication.

Creating the concept, Stylt Trampoli AB was inspired by the geodes of the Alps, the partially hollow rocks with an anonymous outer shell that hides a sparkling microcosm of minerals in screaming colours on the inside. In the same way, The Hide was intended to hold the unexpected, just waiting to be discovered. A great metaphor and part of the design brief that can be seen in the overall concept, its patterns, colours and not least in the name itself – the Hide.

Stylt Trampoli AB designed a colourful entrance that welcomes you to the hidden gem. The raw elegance with strong and sharp colours inspired by the geodes creates a striking ambience and a great place for photos. The rooms are contemporary yet super cosy with powerful colours, creating a feeling of Alpine warmth alongside a stunning view.

Entering The Hide, you get the feeling of finding and exploring a hidden gem, a clear contrast to the massive concrete building – a place that is friendly, cosy and social with lots of things to discover. The result is a colourful, warm and relaxed hotel that attracts hotel guests and locals alike. We think more of longevity in hotel-design then domestic design, but the best medicine against changing design trends is a strong and clear concept – a storyline that doesn’t go out of style.

Stylt Trampoli AB was inspired to create much of the interior design, patterns and colours are by the surrounding nature. It flirts with the cosy traditions of the Alps paired with a narrative of fresh design tones, botanicals and natural materials, as well as the clear, sharp and powerful colours of the geodes.