Project name: Coral Sands Hotel

Location: Harbour Island, Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Architect: Anthony E. Tzamtzis

Interior Designer: Guillermo De Yavorsky

The assignment as an architect consultant and interior designer came after the owner of the Coral Sands Hotel had seen a bar Atelier de Yavorsky did for Vintro Hotel in Miami Beach. The brief was simple, the client wanted to add a contemporary feel to his décor whilst keeping it more in tune with the island, so there was a lot of trust involved. The project required a redesign of the entire decoration; the main entrance building, the lobby, the bar and the reception. This needed to be done without changing the original structure, nor their use and location of the areas within the given space. The contract also included the architectural consultancy and interior design of six new bungalows and three new beach front villas.

The site was inspected in person several times, the plan and survey included considerations such as sea views, the path of the sun light for new and existing constructions, the vegetation, the endemic culture, and a possible selection of furniture to be restored, as well as to develop a deeper understanding of the requirements from the client. Atelier de Yavorsky wanted to create a space that enabled the guests to experience the subtle ingredients that made up the site’s distinctive sensation, while still closely engaged in designing solutions relevant to the operational nature and daily maintenance of the hotel. For instance, the proposal for the communal areas is very white, but the Gervasoni covers are durable and easy to wash. Meanwhile, the bedrooms have a light grey shade to provide for a deeper repose.

The use of louvers on windows and separation walls was particularly successful in managing the natural light and regulating busy or unwanted views. They create a Caribbean feel which resonates with the island’s distinctive charm paired with the organic textures of lamps, furniture and fabrics create a relaxed but curated elegance.