Project Name: The St Regis Hotel Toronto

Location: Toronto

Date Completed: November 2018

Interior Designer: Chapi Chapo Design

Toronto is located beside a major body of water, the inspiration behind this design. Throughout history, cities have been founded at the intersections of transportation routes, or at points where goods needed to shift from one mode of transportation to another. For centuries, water – oceans, lakes and rivers – has been instrumental over the course of the city’s history.

Taking inspiration from the Great Lake, Chapi Chapo Design incorporated the water’s reflection, its contrasts and the flow of water onto its design. Toronto in the winter offers a reminder that snowfall, ice, and cold temperatures have always been a crucial part of the experience of living
in this city, and so Chapi Chapo Design took insight of the flurry of swirling white snow and frigid beauty.

This vision was reflected in the selection of textures, patterns and shapes. You can see the elements of water, frost and snow in the circles shaped onto the carpets, the stone of the fireplace or the headboard in the bedroom. The designers successfully integrated into their design the landscape of the iconic Ontario Great Lake, a subtle hint of Toronto’s railway history, and the rich social fabric of the people that make up the city.

The transformation of two archaic conference rooms into the conception of the divine Caroline Astor (1,675 sq. ft) and the superb John Jacob Astor (2,035 sq. ft) Speciality suites resulted in the glamorous rebranding of the Adelaide Hotel into the St Regis Hotel redefining the new ideal for luxury in Hospitality.

The design team revamped what was an old-fashioned guestroom experience into a contemporary one, taking cue from the hotel location in the heart of downtown Toronto and the brand’s distinct history and heritage. The clients of the St Regis (an iconic hotel brand created by New York City businessman John Jacob Astor IV, in 1904) are professionals and part of the elite, they expect luxury, impeccable service, and they recognise high quality finishes, which can be seen throughout the design.