Project name: The Ritz-Carlton Residences

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Date completed: 2018

Architect: Ole Scheeren

Interior Designer: Palazzo IA

Hotel Group/ Developer: Pace Development

Construction Company: Bouygues Construction and Pace Development

The client is one of the high position government officials in the society; concurrently, a successful businessman. As a highly respected government official and a Thai citizen, the proud of Thai classical style exists along with him. It becomes his honour and responsibility to show both local and international guests the elegance and beauty of Thai culture through his own place of residence. Since he is a professional businessman, it requires him to regularly travel abroad bearing the opportunity to see the bigger outside world. Consequently, he becomes open-minded to welcome the diverse beauty of other countries’ culture. The sophisticated combination of these two glamorous concept elements together, the Thai Neo Classical interior design style is best of the best to satisfy customer.

The designer was inspired by the magnificent beauty of Thai ancient culture, especially Thai sculpture, gold applique, and decorative building glass which could only be found exclusively in Thailand. The combination of these three unique material elements, transformed the main part of this unique condominium’s interior design fulfilling client’s requirement by exposing Thai culture to the outside world.

With over 20 years long of experience and knowledge, Palazzo IA have delivered a large number of high-quality projects to their clients. The uniqueness of each of project gave rise to their valuable customer wholehearted trust in the team. Coupled that with the sense of open-minded from the client himself, which made the design work process go smoothly.

King Power Mahanakhon is a mixed-use skyscraper, standing right in the heart of Silom/Sathon central business district of Bangkok, Thailand. It is recognized as Thailand’s Tallest Tower and one of the most expensive condominiums in the city. The Client decided to choose this location mainly because of a convenient traveling reason and the prestigiousness of the building, consisting of a 77-storey glass tower. However, the original interior design of the residence was a choice of contemporary modern. But due to client’s strong taste in classical sense, Palazzo IA further adapted the design by embracing the modern style yet classic, exposing the house environment to be more special unique from other units in the same tower.

The complex collaborative design through the adaptation of European culture with Thai style represents the marvellous creative idea in this modern era. This is the origin of Thai Neo Classical style, found by Palazzo IA’s designers.