Project name: Private Residence Pier 27

Location: Toronto, Canada

Date completed: July 2018

Interior Designer: 2pi r Design

Construction Company: TBD

Pier 27 is a lakefront property where the stunning metropolitan views of the surrounding Canadian cityscape is at the forefront of its design. 2pi r Design encapsulates a contemporary style and sensibility with clean lines, neutral colours and panoramic visibility throughout the entire space. Flooding each room with natural light, the visual transparency highlights 2pi r Design’s attention to design and architectural details, proportions, and material harmony.

The design process for Pier 27 starts from the outside in, taking into consideration the dominance of its architectural envelope, as the space inherited a series of structural beams and columns that wrap around the window glazing. 2pi r Design complemented the architecture with a timeless interior, allowing the space to showcase the full floor-to-ceiling façade. A neutral palette incorporates noble materials with elegantly appointed details, mixing the warm, natural tones with an eclectic mix of tailored furniture and custom artworks to reflect the client’s international taste. 2pi r Design’s interiors create unexpected moments of pause, with unique touches that bring out the honesty of materials with a playful juxtaposition between texture and raw finishes. The neutral tones provide a base for the accents of black and gold, which adds an element of luxury to the warm and comfortable interiors. Artful interventions highlight the glamour of Asian culture, while the effortless pared back style is reminiscent of a relaxed, North American lifestyle.

Paired with an equally large terrace that extends the living space beyond its walls, Pier 27 is truly an urban oasis which achieves 2pi r Design’s goal to blur the boundary of interior and exterior, bringing the outside in. To benefit most from the 180-degree views of the cityscape 2pi r Design chose an open concept layout, drawing a distinct contrast to busy city life, and highlighting the serenity of the space where the occupants can relax. The diluted design is accented in each room with curated artefacts and keepsakes from the owner’s international travels. The residence is a calm respite from the freneticism of Toronto, yet filled with culture and character.