Project name: Polyot

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date completed: July 2019

Architect: Julien Albertini, Alina Pimkina

Interior Designer: Asthetique

Hotel Group/Developer: Kira Baybakova

Construction Company: inhouse investors contractors

Moscow restaurant Polyot is defined by it’s futuristic yet cosy and stylish design, manifesting the illusion of dining on another planet. Asthetique have utilised a combination of textures and colours to balance a contemporary design with a science fiction ambience. The main challenge of this was for Asthetique to achieve ‘modern minimalism’ without the cold emptiness that customarily ensues this style.

Soviet brutalism and modern futurism combine to create a striking elegance, where Asthetique were inspired by the aesthetics of the space age. Unusual geometry served as an important principle in the creation of Polyot, using streamlined shapes, curved lines and asymmetrical angles throughout the space. The sleek steel shapes and portholes at the entrance allude to the cabin of a space shuttle. The interior design elevates the captivating architecture, as the décor and patterns that are typically found in a dining space such as this are replaced with lustrous surfaces and silver accents, and goddess-like figures installed on symmetric columns act as the centrepiece for the space. Asthetique then chose to offset the science-fiction focus with wild greenery in the halls, and a delicate colour palette for the furniture, creating a ‘game of colour’ and a dramatic contrast between matte and reflective surfaces.

The high ceilings and large windows not only heighten the concept of space in a physical sense rather than emptiness, but also provides an immediate and vivid definition of reality. By providing contrasts of materials, colours, and themes, Asthetique have created a space which conveys energy and strength, and provides the guests with a dynamic dining experience.