Project name: Sale Gallery of “The Life Sathorn Sierra”

Location: Bangkok

Date completed: June 2019

Architect: Vector Arch Co.,Ltd

Interior Designer: VAIR Design Studio

Hotel Group/ Developer: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited

The project is a sale gallery of Life Sathorn Sierra, a condominium introduced as a prototype of sustainable and balanced vertical living on the “Forest Park in the City” concept.

Located just 15 minutes away from Sathorn Road, the main commercial district of Bangkok, the area is surrounded by local communities consists of local markets, old houses, temples and farmland. Vast green areas of local farms owned by the locals can still be seen viewing from above, reminding one of a rural island within the city.

“Bring the natural world into the city” is the main concept that VAIR Design Studio derive from this distinct characteristic of the site, aiming to merge the greatness of the natural world into an urbanized residential space. Forest land, mountain ranges, canyons, and other natural wonders both on land and in the sea are used as inspiration for the design teams.

Coral reefs, the colourful oceanic forest, is the source of inspiration to create attention-grasping design for the sale gallery. It not only represents the overall design concept but also stands out amongst the surrounding competitors. The walls are painted with special Iridescent metallic colours that appear to be purple when viewing in one angle and green in another inspired by the ever-changing colourful nature of the coral reef.

On the floor, crème sandy textured ceramic tile inspired by the beautiful rocky beach is used in contrast with the purple-green iridescent colour. The copper ceiling lamps hanging all over the ceiling are like gorgeous sea creatures suspending in the sea surrounded by the beautiful coral reefs. In the centre of the hall is a large glass box with sky light and exotic plants being in the real nature into the space.

The use of special iridescent purple/green on all the walls is quite a risky decision to make. However, it turns out to be the most distinctive feature that perfectly represent the design concept and sets this design apart from others.

It is a successful collaborative work of interior designer, architect and landscape architect in working together toward the same concept and goal. The glass box garden inside of interior space in contrast to the artificial iridescent purple/green wall creates the place that merges beauty of the natural world into urbanized space in an exciting new way.