Project name: JW Marriott Denver

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Date completed: March 2019

Architect: Neo Studio

Interior Designer: Beleco

Hotel Group/Developer: DiamondRock Hospitality

Construction Company: Reliable Construction

The previous design of the JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek did not live up to the brand’s promise of “quiet luxury, crafted experiences and intuitive service” or the hotel’s 4.5-star rating. Beleco’s challenge was to reposition a ‘tired’ and ‘dated’ hotel as the premier luxury destination in Denver.

Beleco transformed the dark and formal suites into a light and spacious area. Accompanying the use of a neutral colour palette is the risk of blandness, and so the designers layered in additional colours and textures to elevate the “crafted experience”, allowing a “quiet luxury” to pervade. The Maya Romanoff lustrous wallcovering is reminiscent of natural silk and offers a seductive texture, in contrast to the deeply embossed wallcovering as an accent in the corridors and rooms for further dimension.

The colours that Beleco had chosen were inspired by the Hotel’s surroundings; they used tones from Colorado’s official state flower, the Rocky Mountain Columbine, and the jewel iridescence of the gems to be found in the region. The oak hardwood floor in the room foyers is void of knots and other imperfections — another nod to “quiet luxury.”

Beleco also added elements inspired by the mining industry, which helped define Denver’s history. Gold and silver finishes were incorporated throughout the rooms, from door hardware to light fixtures. Faceted designs associated with minerals were reflected in the corridor carpet, mirrored artwork, wall sconces and floor lamp shades. Seeded glass shades in the bathrooms were inspired by raw crystal textures, while white marble in the furniture was inspired by Colorado’s own Yule Marble. In doing this, Beleco were able to set a new standard for luxury by fulfilling the hotel’s promise of “crafted experiences” and transform the JW Marriott into an oasis from hectic meetings and shopping for an “intuitive service”.

Using the guests’ experience as their North Star, Beleco transformed the Suite from an expected corporate environment to a sophisticated space with a residential feel. Though it is part of a wider hotel renovation in which the design speaks the same language, it is clearly an elevated and upgraded experience from the standard guestrooms. In this project Beleco have proven their capability to provide a design that is intrinsically part of the whole hotel’s DNA, but also able to stand on its own as an exceptional space within the property.