Project Name: Bosco Mishka Bar

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date Completed: August 2019

Interior Designer: Sundukovy Sisters

Bosco Mishka Bar is located right in the heart of Moscow. A vibrant yet minimalist space which draws city guests and residents in with its warm vibe and good music. The restaurant and bar erases borders between the inside and the outside surroundings, bringing people even closer to the historical location of Moscow.

The key was to not to overfill the walls with legacy, but rather purify the space. Sundukovy Sisters decided to stick with beloved minimalism, accentuating it with expressive details, which link back to the unique historic heritage of the venue. Functionally, customers wanted a restaurant with an open kitchen, a bar and a DJ area. Stylistically, they expected to get a somewhat “rough” space, as if all the finishing had been removed from walls and floor in preparation for future renovation thus creating the feeling of a pop-up bar open only for a while.

The key points for the rejuvenation of the project focused on; Decorative plaster with an effect of aged walls blend with the shade of GUM facade, blurring boundaries between outer and inner realms. On its background, black graphic accents of lighting truss and coat hooks depict create a pure laconic contrast. Aged mirrors complement the sense of spatial authenticity. Tables of irregular marble, decorative wooden veneer and textured surfaces, that may get lost in another interior, appear particularly vibrant in this neat space, especially in evenings, with directed theatrical light. In contrast to minimalist furniture, large antique table and chandelier also refer to older days, evoking associations with family feasts. Strips of non-combustible paper breathe in an airy accent and conceal neatly the outside canvas blinds, providing patrons with a clear view of the Red Square, an iconic shopping centre.

All furniture excluding vintage chairs (property of GUM – the developer), were custom-made based on exclusive drawings developed in the studio. Especially the ziccurat which required precise attention and forethought, thinking out the necessary ergonomics (so that it could be used as seating and as a dancing podium).