Project Name: Atelier de Tartelettes

Location: Moscow

Date Completed: September 2019

Interior Designer: MEGRE INTERIORS

Atelier de Tartelettes, is an elegant pastry shop located in Moscow, Russia. The design, by MEGRE INTERIORS, aims to capture your mind as well as your taste buds, with the golden and white aesthetics being inspired by the pastries themselves, which are available to eat once inside.

The interior design concept is based on the iconic French Tartelettes, with every design detail being inspired by the pastries. Gold is a key highlight throughout the design, representing the beautiful, golden bases of the French Tartelettes. The gold begins as the flooring, then flowing upwards through the table bases and chair legs. It continues up onto the grand ceiling, creating a real luxurious aesthetic. The walls are white, with plastered gypsum, mimicking the fresh whipped cream on top of the tartlets.

The space is a 1200 square foot room, divided into two halls. The first hall that you enter is minimalist in its design, as to not take away from the beautiful sweet treats that are on display on the custom, crisp white counters. The open kitchen and the stand are both made of stone, whilst all other equipment is discrete and placed under the counter so that visitors are not distracted by the process of creating the tartlets.

Your attention is then immediately drawn to the brass walls, giving off a glistening golden hue. There are mirrors on the ceiling to add depth, giving the room maximum volume and really opening the space up. As you move into the second hall to sit down, with your sweet treat, a warm energy surrounds you from the plastered gypsum walls. The walls are a key design feature, with a magnificent 3D leaf effect all over. With limited natural lighting in the back room, inset mirrors have been added for depth, character and fluidity throughout the space.

MEGRE INTERIORS have designed this space to evoke emotion among its quests. The sweet treat inspired aesthetics aim to welcome and immerse all who enter the delightful world of Atelier de Tartelettes.