Project Name: Zhenro, The Pinnacle

Location: Tianjin, China

Date Completed: August 2019

Interior Designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

The general impression of Tianjin, China, is that there are many ancient Chinese buildings in the city, which are based on the cultural accumulation of thousands of years of history. The historic architectural complex on Fifth avenue, with western buildings of different styles from the Italian concession, is a cultural brilliance emanating from the inside and outside.

Behind the fusion of design styles, it encompasses the ideological connotation of cultural inclusion. Harmony World Consultant & Design wanted to bring a similar fusion to the interiors of this property, whilst creating a modern and enlightened aesthetic. The natural marble water bar is a work of art, echoing the historic architecture of the surrounding buildings. The symmetrical and geometric design of the bar is highlighted by soft lamplight and further enhances the modern and artistic atmosphere.

In Chinese history, Cyan was regarded as a positive colour, representing nobleness and orthodoxy. Harmony World Consultant & Design incorporated this colour throughout this project, the VIP rooms contain different levels of blue as the theme, to create a unique tonality. The design and texture of the furniture shows exquisite craftsmanship and evokes a feeling of luxury.

After the designers extracted the historical cultural elements and enriched them, they also needed to implement a sense of depth in the design. The introduction of contemporary art evokes the stillness of architecture, as the years went by, shading to the infinite reverie of life. Zhenro, The Pinnacle is a bold fusion across time, space and region.