Project Name: York Buildings

Location: Covent Garden, London

Date Completed: June 2019

Interior Designer: Nick Farnell, Caroline Gingell

Architect: Nick Farnell, Caroline Gingell

Construction Company: Cue Developments Ltd

This project involved the transformation of a London townhouse from its previous dilapidated state to a beautifully finished bespoke interior, for a client with impeccable taste.

The property was in a bad condition and the spaces were poorly planned, NFA Architects were brought in to reorganise the areas and transform the house into a functional family home. Due to its Listed status, there were minimal structural interventions permitted. However, each floor has been transformed by making clever use of the space throughout. Custom made furniture has allowed the absolute maximisation of the plan providing a space that works perfectly for the client.

The client required a dramatic design which played with light and dark and occasional bold colours. Particular elements were designed specifically to meet the niche requirements of the client. The success of this project comes from a good working relationship with the client who was clear with the brief and trusted the design team wholeheartedly.

One of the key aspects of this project was the basement. NFA Architects took out a series of cell like rooms to create a spacious guest suite, a gym which transforms into a comfortable guest bedroom, a sauna as well as other functional spaces. The feeling of space is quite surprising given the amount of functions within this floor.

The use of materials as well as light and share are key to this design. As you ascend the property the colour scheme lightens, from the darkness and brooding atmosphere in the basement to the light and airy feeling on the top floors, as the floor plan reduces you do not feel a loss of space but a sense of calm and tranquillity.