Project name: Urban Industrial Abode

Location: Bryanston, Johannesburg

Date completed: November 2019

Architects: Gillian Holl, Veld Architects

Construction Company: Kintro Construction

Veld Architects have designed a suburban family home which offers a natural flow of living and space, by blurring the lines between interior and exterior design. Situated in a panhandle estate, this courtyard home forms part of the context through the inclusion of integrated open sections, large windows and outdoor areas which creates a flow throughout the house, leading to interesting views and vistas. Veld Architects have provided the clients with a home that extends abundant opportunities to connect with their surroundings.

The clients’ brief for Veld Architects was to maximise the available space as much as possible, and also allow them to enjoy garden living. The homeowner’s design vision was to merge masculine architecture with a soft, natural influence. Veld Architects were able to fulfil the masculinity using a linear design, completed with contrasting tones and raw materials. Large scale openings and glass boxes open up to the context of suburbia in order to integrate with the home’s wider environment, though an internal courtyard offers privacy should it be desired.

Veld Architects’ successfully produced a timeless design, due to the simplicity of designing for purpose and to the brief, though the intricate embedded details elevate the project into sophistication. The architect’s favourite aspect of the design was the detail that has been included, and as such the project is detailed meticulously to perfection. Merging masculine architecture with its natural surrounding creates balance by offering a softened approach, and in doing so Veld Architects created a family living home that was stark but in symbiosis with context.