Project Name: St. Barth’s Private Residence

Location: Gustavia, St. Barth’s, French West Indies

Date Completed: January 2020

Interior Designer: Bee Osborn

Architect: Studio Osborn

Construction Company: Conresta

The St. Barth’s Private Residence is a high-end, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, luxury villa in the West Indies with an outdoor pool and stunning views. The brief for Studio Osborn with this project was to create a contemporary living space with a light and airy feel to maximise the stunning views. The client requested a modern feel, but with a nod to a traditional style. The clients love of fuchsia and natural materials had to be a key focus. They requested luxury joinery with wallcoverings, textures and materials of a high standard. Almost every item was to be made bespoke in the UK and shipped to the island, to ensure a luxury finish. A strong emphasis was placed on the flooring, therefore Studio Osborn used extremely wide whitewashed boards, to accentuate this open, lateral space.

The client requested that Studio Osborn come up with a wow factor for this luxurious residence, which resulted in them designing some full height pivoting doors that create an infinity feel on both sides of the house. The designers were asked to create a sense of flow, but also uniting the indoor and outdoor, and these pivot doors really did that.

In the bedrooms Studio Osborn’s brief was to create a calm, luxurious feel with clever spatial planning and lots of storage. This was achieved through some clever design, encompassing integrated bathroom and dressing rooms, with lots of mirrors and incredible attention to detail. In the bathrooms pure luxury was requested, which entailed the designers sourcing marble from all over the world that was book matched to their design and shipped to St. Barth’s. Along with bespoke joinery vanities in a handmade finish, to create a totally unique look.

The design works so well because it flows easily from room to room. Studio Osborn felt that they fulfilled the brief and created a luxurious, open, calm, lateral and totally unique space.