Project Name: The Pool Room

Location: Solihull, United Kingdom

Date Completed: November 2019

Interior Designer: Payton-Williams Interiors

Construction Company: Form Construction

The design brief for this project was a little challenging due to the volume of the space. The room had remained in its original form since the property was first built in the 1980’s and although it looked very impressive, it wasn’t in keeping with the rest of the main house. Even though this is an indoor swimming pool, it felt very disconnected from the main house and the outdoor space.

The brief for Payton-Williams Interiors was to completely transform the space by giving it a design scheme that was not only coherent to the design scheme of the property, but to make it feel like you actually want to spend time in the space and enjoy some leisure time with family and friends. The space also needed to be used as an area for the owners to workout with additional gym equipment, and area for an additional laundry room and somewhere to relax.

Although it wasn’t necessary to make any changes to the actual swimming pool, there were a few structural and cosmetic changes that could be made not only to improve the overall look, but to also give the client the additional laundry facilities that they required. Other areas to be looked at were flooring, ceiling finish, windows, lighting, colour scheme, laundry area, water closet and some bespoke artwork.

Another change requested was to the finish of the walls. These were initially finished in a rough texture render which gave it an external feel rather that a continuation of the main house. In addition to making these changes, it was important to bring a focal point into the scheme and the curved wall within the space lent itself perfectly to this.

The finished scheme has really hit the design brief and requirements of the client. Not only has it completely transformed the space, but it now feels like the room is part of the main house again and can be enjoyed by its owners and friends.