Project Name: Poly One Didang Island

Location: Zhejiang, China

Date Completed: March 2019

Interior Designer: Harmony World Consultant & Design

The elegance of east London blends with the theme of the east in this luxurious home. The project is located in the core of Shaoxing Didang New Town, China. Didang Lake Park is adjacent to the future West Lake of Shaoxing of Didang New Town with unique lakeshore scenery and urban park landscape.

Traditionally, people would say that Chinese style, in terms of interior design, would focus on heavy redwood and woodwork and solemn colours throughout. However, the HWCD design team aimed to combine the elegance of East London with a less traditional Oriental style, creating a more modern Chinese aesthetic. Instead, Harmony World Consultant & Design have kept things bright, airy and neutral to mirror the natural surroundings of the property.

The use of linear decorations within this space reflects the pursuit of a simple life for the residents of Poly One Didang Island and as such their living requirements. Metallic materials set the tone for the interiors, abstract artistic ornaments show the details and quality of the space, creating fashionable and contemporary Oriental themes throughout.

There are no obvious or stark Chinese symbols in the entire space. From beginning to end, the interiors are permeated with the unique serenity and generosity of the east, revealing the beautiful pursuit of the artistic conception of elegant life in the east.