Location: Bangkok

Date Completed: May 2019

Architect: Quintrix

Interior Designer: That is ITH Interior

Developer: Sansiri

Construction Company: Siphraya

This ultra luxury development right in the heart of Bangkok was inspired under the concept “space is luxury”, the unit size is extra-large unlike any other developments in this expensive area of the city. A preservation of 3 existing majestic over-century oak trees is giving sense of a long history home. This landmark architecture rises in monolith design contrary with a state-of-the-art swimming pool and pavilion building in front.

The interior concept was inspired by monolith architecture and the majestic oak trees on site. the tower as the oak tree, the lobby is the lower part of the tree like wood bark, dried leaves and root veins while the upper level facilities are lush leaves, colourful flowers, fruitful berries.

The design is accentuating throughout space with world class bespoke lighting sculpture, lastvit, and italian furniture, fendi and flexform.

The stand out features of this project are: the 3 existing over-century oak trees which were preserved making the project feel like a long history home, understated design that is yet full with sophisticated details and the warm and refine colour palette of all finishes that make it  feel ultra-luxury.

The project fits with simple luxury lifestyle in a hectic city. It is a home to unwind and relax with family after work and on weekend in a warm and cosy colour scheme, feels casual and more like home than apartment.

The monolith building is a symbol of the tree, the interior is also part of it; leaves, flowers, berries and community around it. The big garden in this expensive land of the property is actually not only for the residents but also for the neighbours and the district.

The bespoke lighting sculpture by lasvit from zcech republic which was designed exclusively for this project from design to installation. The original art pieces from world class renowned artists also feature within the property.