Project Name: Gagarin Apartment

Date Completed: 2019

Location: Ukraine

Interior Designer: Boom Project

With every detail orientated around the beautiful sea view of Odessa shore in Ukraine, the natural lighting and open spaces are pinnacle design elements of this apartment. Boom Project wanted to create a bright and spacious property, with a distinctively modern aesthetic, infused with an Art Deco soul.

Boom Project were commissioned to do a complete makeover of the high value property, demolishing all walls and finishes and stripping the original property back to concrete. Starting a fresh, the concept behind the apartment is to align all spaces towards the sea view. The designers used as little walls as possible, instead opting for big, clear windows allowing the beautifully natural sun light to beam through into the property. The space is all open plan, creating a pathway for the light to flow through into each room and feel spacious and relaxed.

The ceilings are dark, providing a unique and refreshing space experience for the residents. After spending time in the apartment, the ceilings will begin to disappear as they transform into the night sky. This in turn, creates the illusion of even more height and space within the property.

Boom Project were stylistically minimalistic in their material selection, whilst still providing many eye-catching details to provide both depth and perspective to the space. Glass, wood and exposed concrete are key materials, adding character. Whilst there are hints of weathered brass, providing finer details and linking each room as one. The chandeliers, sofas, some chairs and some other functional yet decorative objects were designed especially for this project.

All metal detailing was designed in-house and made specifically for this apartment. One of the main features being the custom designed radial mirror; with beautifully, intricate metal detailing and a central composition, it defines the perspective of the spacious living area volume.

Boom Project believe Gagarin Apartment is modern, whilst having a strong individual style and giving a subtle nod to the Art Deco era.