Project Name: European Sophistication

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Date Completed: 2019

Architect: Scott Posno Design

Interior Designer: Victoria McKenney

Construction Company: Tavan Group Ltd

Developer: Tavan Group Ltd

Enviable Designs’ clients had been dreaming of their custom home for years, wanting a classic and timeless design with some European Flare. European Sophistication is situated in a mature neighbourhood with large character homes and so the designers were challenged to create a home that integrated beautifully with the other residences whilst still providing a unique and fresh approach to design.

This custom home consisting of approx. 7000 square feet was designed with a European style while maintaining a modern element to create a truly stunning home. The detailed craftsmanship and millwork are beautifully contrasted with the more modern fixtures, and it is this dichotomy that creates interest in an exciting, unexpected space. Every element of the home was custom including the wall panelling by skilled carpenters. The glass railings were machined with custom stand offs in a polished nickel finish, and the tile setters were of the utmost importance with the installation of the marble slabs.

Starting with the foyer, Enviable Designs provided a strong contrast to the light floors and glass pendant lights by designing a dramatic black custom bench. Continuing with this theme, dramatic elements were added throughout the home. The dining room has a strong black surround that offers a delineation and poignant separation from the hallway. Black velvet dining chairs were paired beautifully by Enviable Designs with the custom white walnut dining table and modern chandelier. The main floor den has been painted and furnished with a dark grey palette to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

The family room and kitchen offer a lighter feel to the home, thanks to the large doors on the back wall. Leather swivel chairs cooperate with a modern rug for a contemporary feel in the transitional architecture and built ins. The master bedroom furthers the lighter tones in the design with a white silk wallpaper. This then provides a sophisticated backdrop for the grey velvet headboard and white damask drapes. Two Platner chairs at the foot of the bed offer an unexpected modern element to the traditional room.