Project Name: Chalet French Alps

Location: Megève

Date Completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Dôme Project Interiors

In the heart of the French Alps, this luxurious chalet nestling at the bottom of the slopes has undergone vast restructuring and renovation work. The idea was to modernise this exceptional property, built more than 20 years ago. Contemporary, subdued and fun all at once, this new architectural design is inspired by Art Deco.

The exceptional situation of this property lends itself to luxury and conviviality and gives this incredible chalet a warm and soothing atmosphere. In the living room, magnificent Terzani chandeliers designed for Dôme Project Interiors decorate this lavish architecture with their chains cascading down, giving this chalet its spectacular character. The showpiece of this room is a stunning tailor-made wine cellar. To optimise the storage spaces in the bedrooms, storage modules have been built into either side of the beds. Made-to-measure by our cabinetmaker in lacquered wood, all of the beds are decorated with elegant wool panels to echo the fabric on the headboards. The alliance of noble fabrics and warm colours bathes the rooms in a muted and warm atmosphere.

In the basement, there is a spa decorated with a splendid 8-metre-long aquarium (Dessins Dôme Scandia Aquarium) which covers the entire length of the wall and adds a touch of escapade to this exceptional chalet. This space was designed as a haven of peace and well-being. The living room has retained an authentic aspect to the existing architecture of the chalet thanks to its fully restored exposed beams. Warm colours have been chosen in different materials such as wool, velvet and alpaga silk to bring the very cocooning aspect that we are looking for in a chalet.

Dôme have kept the beams of the living room, a symbolic element of the chalet and have designed deer-shaped patterns that are integrated into the rugs which echo the mountain. As a small swiss company, they try to have a number of specific features handmade using their partner’s expertise and sharp skills.