Project Name: Architect’s Residential House

Location: Ukraine

Date Completed: 2018

Interior Designer: Peker & Partners

The Architect’s Residential House is located on a 600 square meter plot, in the suburb of Kyiv. The access road comes from the North, from the Westside there is a neighbour’s garden house and from the South and East there is a lake. The property features car parking for 4 cars, a garden, a vegetable patch, a lawn, a gazebo with a barbecue, and a house with a terrace. The house has been designed for a family with children, who love to conduct parties with friends. The house design also features an entrance area with wardrobe and shoe rack; a living room with kitchen, fireplace, screen for projector, sofa and table for 8 persons; 2 guest bedrooms; a master bedroom with wardrobe; a kids bedroom; two bathrooms, and technical premise.

The car parking has been designed to be covered by shade to protect arrivals from the rain, whilst the room’s windows shouldn’t be oriented to any on looking neighbours. The kitchen is located close to the entrance, with the bedroom area separated from the noisy areas. The living room features a big glass door to merge the internal space with the outside space. The house aims to be sustainable and eco-friendly, by using furniture that doesn’t contain plastic or toxic materials. The house has had to keep functioning for a few hours during a central electrical power outage. Security systems with a video recording system, access control, and emergency button have been installed for safety.

In the morning, the sun’s rays flood the rooms, which helps residents to start the day in a positive mood. For the rest of the day, the house has a comfortable reflected light. The house has a 4 active sources of heating – gas and electrical heaters, the window glasses have a heating function, the fireplace Kratki which has a water tank to participate in the system and one reserved source – solar panels.