Project Name: Wimbledon Home

Location: London, United Kingdom

Interior Designer: Joy Flanagan Design

Architect: Lipton Plant

Construction Company: HA & DB Kitchin

A family home in Wimbledon with spacious, open dimensions and a touch of glamour. A thoughtful curation of art, furniture and materials creates a striking yet harmonious interior. The brief for Joy Flanagan Design was to create an elegant, stylish home which also functions well, underpinning and supporting the lives and needs of a busy family of five. The owners particularly wanted their home to have a gracious, light-filled, welcoming atmosphere which began from the opening of the front door.

Wishing to respect the proportions of the house, the owners sought to remove a badly completed previous extension, creating a new three-story addition in its place.  This new building smoothed the layout of their home, allowing a larger, connected footprint throughout.  Importantly this also allowed space for the kitchen to be relocated from the basement to the ground floor.  As one of the owners is a restauranteur, dining and entertaining as well as making the kitchen a central focus of family life was important.

The owners had been collecting antique and vintage pieces of furniture which they wished to reuse in this home. They also wanted to commission and include new pieces bringing a contemporary feeling to the home. Vivid works of art collected over time provide a focus for the eye and draw one’s gaze through the rooms.

Interested in materials, the clients selected marbles, wood and metals which create a subtle glamour throughout.  Willing to experiment with colour and pattern, the clients were interested in taking risks with their selections which have resulted in vibrant, striking spaces. Light and lighting was important, and Joy Flanagan Design selected interesting statement lighting pieces throughout, which allow for a flexibility and layering of light from day to night.

The clients wanted to consider and enjoy selecting every detail of their new home. This project was meticulously planned and a positive collaboration. For Joy Flanagan Design. From architecture through to decoration, this home is a sophisticated, bespoke creation for the family who live here.

Curating the furniture, fabrics, lighting, artworks and materials which layer this home was an engaging, delightful process. This design supports the way the clients live and creates a beautiful backdrop for their busy lives.  There is a balance between the formality of the house and a feeling of casual, open, lateral living which is welcoming and elegant with just the right touch of glamour.