Project Name: Water Meadow

Location: Buckinghamshire

Date Completed: 2018

Architect: Jackson Ingham Architects

Set within a conservation area, flood zone three and green belt, the owners of Water Meadow presented Jackson Ingham Architects with a challenge to design a modest three-bedroom home for a grown-up family to eventually enjoy during their retirement. The views from the site was one of the key elements for why the owners chose it, therefore they wanted a home designed to take full advantage of the outstanding surrounding views.

The concept was to be centred and the entrance feature drawing the home owners and visitors forward towards the stunning views, so elements of the design needed to ensure that the views at the rear of the home can be glimpsed through the front elevation. Internally the owners wanted an open-plan design, eliminating visually obstructing walls where possible to ensure panoramic views can be enjoyed throughout the whole home as well as making sure the home design was high practical to suit the family well into their retirement.

Large glazing installations were desired by the owners, so they could enjoy the views all year round whether it was on their ground floor terrace or through minimally framed glazing systems. To make sure the property was in keeping with the appearance of the conservation area, the owners wanted to use locally sourced hand-crafted red brick. Not only to match the arts and crafts popularity in the local area but also to create a clear divide between the grey platform the home sits upon. This platform was desired to act like a plinth raising the home like a grand ornament but also serve and the defence against the flooding.

IQ Glass’ favourite aspect of this project was the choice to use a little vertical wall as possible to enhance the views of the surrounding area of natural beauty, as well as this, the use of locally sourced hand-made bricks was a key aspect in this design to create a strong bond between the local area and the new family home.