Project name: The Sherry Netherland

Location:  The Sherry Netherland Fifth Avenue, NY

Interior Designer:  Brian Worthington & Associates


This home creates a welcome of Classical Contemporary elements, which in turn has created a retreat on 5th Ave, Manhattan. Conveying a sense of harmony and gentle calm with cashmere walling, leather closets, stone, vintage shagreen accents and understated refined interior for the most sophisticated space.

The Sherry Netherland is located on 5th avenue and 59th street with views to central park and west of the city. With this being an iconic architectural landmark of the city Brian Worthington & Associates wanted to create a complete and utterly serene environment as soon as you enter the apartment. Upon entry one looks straight into the library and is welcomed by an iconic perspective of New York City through this completely bespoke library which has bespoke panelling and recessed framed artwork.

Going into the living room you’ll see bespoke sofas, coffee tables, arm chairs and mid-century sofa occasional tables. The living room is an understated painted panelling with a television hidden behind the mirror above the Chesneys mantel. Brian Worthington & Associates wanted to give a serene, understated, refined, tranquil space in the middle of Manhattan by achieving discreet finishes, colours and lighting. The views of the city are living art and Brian Worthington did not want to take anything away from this view. What wasn’t a bespoke piece happened to be a vintage find in Europe. The clients are global citizens and wanted very much an international feel to the space.

Brian Worthington & Associates had complete faith from the client in delivering a turn key installation. They selected every element of the interior including – furniture, fabrics, carpets, books, artwork and all accessories. This is why the design works so well as it really captures the clients personal style. They accepted Brian’s vision of the space and let him bring it to fruition.

The library has complete bespoke cabinetry with recessed framed artwork. This was inspired by Brian’s great aunt’s petit chateau in France that had completely recessed mirrors in the panelling. These frames are made in the same wood as the panelling and are actually attached to the recess by the strongest magnets on the market.