Project name: River Chase

Location:  Odessa, Florida

Date Completed: October 2018

Architect: Ryan Hughes Design Build

Developer: Ryan Hughes Design build

Construction Company:  Ryan Hughes Design Build

A request from a Tampa family to replicate a favourite resort in their own backyard was answered by award-winning pool and outdoor space designer, Ryan Hughes Design Build in his signature “over the top” manner. Inspired by a 5-star resort, the Ballmont Lazy River project created streaming waters built to flow around and through an elegant and commercially appointed outdoor space literally outside the family’s back door.

Flowing for over 200 feet, the river passes fire pots and fire features, sunken spas, and multiple venues for outdoor gathering and relaxation. Ryan Hughes Design Build was able to incorporate tremendous wow into the overall design as well as elegance and personality. The Mediterranean design style of the home and the personal preferences of the family were integrated within the 1.5-million-dollar project. The design provided ample space and bountiful experiences for family fun to a gathering of 500. Private relaxation was also addressed by incorporating a dedicated owner’s patio with lounge seating, spa and landscaped privacy.

The six-foot-wide river lined completely with pebble-finish glass tile and travertine edging was positioned to curve and wind around a sunken fire lounge, along open vistas and beside multiple lounging areas.  A wooden walking bridge connects the game room portico to the island created by the river. Multiple access steps are positioned for descending into the running river.

The plan began with establishing critical sight lines originating from within the opulent home and continuing to each defined area and major outdoor feature.  Guests are able to capture the totality of this residential resort upon entering the home.  The pool area and adjacent pairs of fire features were also the focal point for a sight line that commenced within the outdoor kitchen and dining area. The owner’s patio with a private spa, pergola and seating area was purposefully placed on a direct line from the curved terrace off the owner’s bedroom.  This design style allowed Ryan Hughes Design Build to capitalise on the organised architecture of the home while adding an organic feel with the encircling river.