Project Name: Project Michelle

Location: Marylebone, London

Date Completed: October 2018

Interior Designer: Bergman Interiors

Developer: Amazon Property

Construction Company: LXA

Bergman Interiors were enlisted for a full transformation and renovation of this exclusive penthouse overlooking Regents Park. The client wanted it to be sleek, clean and masculine, however not very dark. He wanted a bespoke chess board as playing chess was one of his main hobbies. He also wanted the kitchen to be more of a focal point and did not want it to look like a standard kitchen. The client required an exceptional amount of detail and craftmanship incorporated into each product.

The use of the rich textures of the fabrics and furnishings was also important which created an aesthetic that is both masculine and feminine in its effect. The client wanted certain features to standout within the penthouse, such as the combination of a fireplace, TV unit and bookshelf. Bergman Interiors wanted to create a piece that was so much more than a functional unit and thus created a piece of art with beautiful Skyline layered joinery, brushed sleek brass panels, exquisite natural Grey Mundy veneers and a sliding door with stunning Star Burst marquetry. Once again, taking inspiration from the nature and organic structures, the unit is not a standard rectangular shape but instead takes its form from the silhouette of spreading tree branches.

This language translates in the brass tailored beams of the property which extend seamlessly from floor to ceiling, perfectly framing the rooms. The glorious Svarta Berg ‘Black Mountains’ pendant light fittings draw inspiration from diamonds and jewellery; installed to cast shadows on the three large mountain art panels created by Marie Soliman to represent the ever-changing light found in mountain landscapes. The kitchen appliances are discreetly hidden using the lustrous use of mixing antique mirrors with brushed bronze and herringbone veneers.

The penthouse overlooks the stunning vistas of Regents Park. Bergman Interiors wanted to bring the outside features inside and blend the boundaries, this is incorporated by their bespoke rug which was inspired by the pathways and surroundings of Regents Park and echoed in the curved lines of the sofa. One of the key elements throughout are the liquid metal murals, inspired by Marylebone itself. This is made of liquid bronze and leaves resin. This showcases many elements of the address such as the embossed map of Marylebone, Synagogue, Regents Park & Madame Tussauds.