Project name: Private Californian Style Villa

Location: Barcelona

Architect: Luis Ribas

Interior Designer: Sara Folch

Developer: Construccion Reixac and Asociates

This is a private beach house with an elegant and modern style. The client wanted the exterior to be influenced by Californian Style houses, with a relaxing, informal and comfortable atmosphere. To recreate the California Style the design includes a big iconic swimming pool and palm trees. The manner in which the rooms are spread out, the large doorways and multiple porches allow movement fluidly between the spaces. These elements give you the sense of being outside whilst sitting inside. There are also elements that were inspired by Neoclassicism, such as the tall concrete columns and neutral colour pallet. Other Neoclassical features include clean and elegant lines and an uncluttered appearance.

‘Neo’ meaning new whilst also classical, is a perfect description of this project due to the unusual marriage between Californian style and Neoclassicism. With its classical grandeur, this building can be compared to the likes of a temple, showing real Greek and Roman architectural influence with an added twist of luxury and comfort.  The stairs were hand crafted in Barcelona especially for this project. A special miniature scale model was made of the spiral staircase before construction in order to figure out the problems and find solutions to the design and how the handrail would fit.

The overall design has a real focus on natural lighting and open spaces. The spiral staircase is the primary element of the interior, its sculptural and organic form was custom made in Barcelona especially for this project. The ground floor is mainly for more active pastimes while the upstairs centres around relaxation and tranquility. Only high-quality, natural materials were used within this design, including a thatched roof, leather sofas and marble floors. The stairs are at the centre of this design not only physically but aesthetically, its dynamic and bold form acts as a sculptural element of the space.