Project name: Penthouse on Tverskaya

Location: Moscow

Architect: Polina Pidtsan

Interior designer: Polina Pidtsan

Developer: Millhouse object four winds

Magnificent views, panoramic windows and high ceilings played a main role during designing this project. A modern interior was dictated by the architecture of the house itself, but it is mitigated by a large amount of fabrics ans wallpapers with different structures. In addition, brass elements were used in the whole apartment to add to the modern style. Fabrics and wall-finishes were chosen very carefully: all wallpapers and curtains are in the same colour scheme but their shades and materials differ, therefore, contrasts can be seen very clearly in each space.

A key aspect of the project was a combination of the well-chosen bespoke furniture, lights, art and fabrics.  The design works so well as it perfectly combines comfort, functionality and a high-style, which is modern yet classic at the same time. The project also features class, sophistication and an elegant style. The interior design was based on a recreation of a bright, recognisable image and through choice of colour palette, textures and the fine details.

The interior of the apartment fits perfectly into the environment, because the region in which it’s located is almost in the center of old Moscow. Following this, classic art deco elements in the interior, resemble the decorative elements of the old era of architecture. An additional key aspect of the project was that the furniture designs were from individual sketches that local artisans were involved in, to create bespoke pieces for the project.