Project name: Penthouse on Fayetteville’s Historic Square

Location:  Fayetteville, Arkansas USA

Date Completed: April 2018

Interior Designer:  Chris Goddard, Goddard Design Group

Penthouse swathed in shades of blue and accented with metal, textured fabric, antiques and modern art.

The penthouse is located on the historic Fayetteville town square and has an expansive view of the University of Arkansas and its iconic building, Old Main. From all elements used, Goddard Design Group truly brought an urban penthouse to a sleepy college town in Arkansas.

Having purchased this penthouse a few years ago, Goddard Design Group’s client came to us to redefine the space with a sophisticated, urban vibe.  The focus has been geared to traditional design which reflects Southern elegance and timeless heritage.  For the penthouse, it was a lot of fun to pull modern furniture and art together to create a new space which still resonates our client’s unique and eclectic personality. A key component to the design was the incorporation of pieces from the client’s extensive modern art collection and blending them into the historic setting.

In the past, Goddard Design Group designed two traditional residential spaces for this client, so they were excited to receive a blank canvas for a contemporary space. The original area contained walls of beige Venetian plaster, blonde wood flooring, and no colour whatsoever. The design brief was to warm the space with a wash of blue and texture, create several conversational areas, fashion the penthouse with a trove of antique accessories and stylish, yet comfortable furnishings. With all components installed, the penthouse illustrated the personality of the clients and created an intimate environment rich with culture.

Each room is anchored with a major art piece, and the art truly drove Goddard Design Group design vision. In the foyer, Goddard Design Group displayed an original piece by D*Face, prominently placed above an industrial console and flanked by a pair of vintage 1970’s lamps. A large Anthony Lister painting anchors the living space and pairs perfectly with custom graphic game chairs, steel tables, layered rugs and lapis grass cloth. In the television room, a neon sculpture by Doze Green illuminates the cosy space, and the project was finished with a custom mural which floats on an original antique brick wall in the master bedroom.