Project Name: The Pearl Villa in Doha

Date Completed: Spring 2019

Interior Designer: Katharine Pooley Ltd

Interior Architect: Katharine Pooley Interior Architects

Katharine Pooley Ltd’s client requested a similar style to the property that they recently designed for his family in London; contemporary, chic, light with a timeless elegance and a balance and flow throughout all of the differing rooms and spaces. The property looks out across a white sand private beach to the glittering aquamarine bay beyond, and these colours were the starting point for Katharine Pooley Ltd.’s design.

The villa is situated on an island called ‘The Pearl’ in Doha, Qatar  – pearls are an important and iconic cultural and historical symbol in Qatar as before the 1940’s pearl diving was the major local industry and you still see pearling boats or ‘dhows’ in the harbour.  For this reason, Katharine Pooley have included pearl references throughout the design; there are mother of pearl and shell accessories scattered throughout from the Katharine Pooley Ltd accessory collection and also very finely embroidered pearls on some of the curtain leading edges they have also chosen to use pearlised silk wallpaper set within much of the wall panelling – which has a beautiful iridescent shimmer.

Katharine Pooley’s favourite aspect of the project is the entrance hall chandelier – set in a double height, light flooded, contemporary atrium this hand-blown crystal chandelier is constructed of hundreds of pieces of glass which together create a spellbinding abstract sculpture that shimmers, seemingly weightlessly, overhead.

Katharine Pooley and her team used British & European craftsmen, artisans & artists throughout the project – every single item was shipped from London except the joinery – the upholstery is all handcrafted in English workshops, the dining room chandelier was created in an English porcelain workshop painstakingly by hand, and they have also used many silk wallpapers throughout which have been painted and embroidered by hand.

The atmosphere Katharine Pooley Ltd wanted to create from the very beginning was a chic, European, graceful and contemporary feel. Layers of lighting and a mixture of crystal, silk, marble and specialist finishes create a rich and tactile environment while cool colours like celadon, blue, dove grey and ivory build a fresh and light ambience.