Project Name: New York Apartment

Location: New York, USA

Interior Designer: Shalini Misra Ltd

The brief for this project was a home that was a familiar and warm space, where serenity and calm would be provided after a hectic day in the city.

Commissioned by a UK based family, interior designer Shalini Misra designed this fine pied-a-terre in New York to act as a secondary home primarily used for holidays, business trips and hosting family friends. One of the ways in which the designers achieved the brief was through combining pieces by local New York designers and studios with pieces from international designers as well as a mixture of vintage and contemporary sleek designs.

The most eye-catching piece in the living area is a hammock commissioned from Jim Zivic suspended from the ceiling. The verticals of the suspension cables contribute to the feeling of height and by lifting the seating away from the floor, even more space is freed up. The space was opened up to create a light and airy feel and the feeling of height was enhanced through strong vertical elements in the furniture and lighting.

The palette for the soft furnishings were taken from the sky’s tones: blues, light greys and whites throughout, enhancing the natural light that pours in through the exterior glass walls. The principle piece for the ‘living in the sky’ concept is an abstract Storm Cloud rug from the New York-based, Carini Lang. This rug sits centrally under the glass coffee table in the living area; the integral piece that ties the palette together.

In the master bedroom, a cherry blossom patterned wallpaper was commissioned from Fromental, with Shalini Misra customising the embroidery and specifying the colours. The cherry blossom is hand-painted on a light blue background and hand-embroidered in light blues, neutrals and orange, reflecting the concept of bringing the outside into the apartment by using sky-like tones.

Visitors often say they feel as though they are ‘floating in the clouds’ when they visit this apartment and appreciate its great height. Stemming from the client’s wish to emphasise the breath-taking views the apartment offers. The rug’s off-white and dark and light blue colour palette reflects the concept of bringing the sky into the apartment. The walls of the common areas are unified visually with light blue, silk wallpaper which takes its cue from the surrounding sky.