Project name: Mid Century Modern Apartment

Location:  Sunny Isles, FL

Date Completed: December 2018

Interior Designer:  Hinojosa Design Studio

Construction Company:  Handcraft Woodworking

A Mid Century apartment located in Porsche Design tower in Sunny Isles, Florida with bespoke interior design that was curated from beginning to end.

The 4500 sq. foot apartment had a very curved layout which was one of the first challenges Hinojosa Design Studio encountered with the flooring. Therefore, they decided to install poured terrazzo throughout the property, which helped to create the seamless design seen in the apartment.

The Seamless flooring set the tone for the rest of the design and Hinojosa Design Studio started building around it using natural walnut with rigged white panelling, and custom-made furniture pieces that enhanced the mid-century feel they were going for. As Hinojosa Design Studio started to design the space, they travelled around the world to create one of their first personal art collection for this residence. Each selected art piece became the perfect complement to the space.

The client gave Hinojosa Design Studio complete freedom to design the project. This allowed Hinojosa Design Studio to stay true to themselves and their design style whilst at the same time meeting the clients every need. The open layout of the property enables Hinojosa Design Studio to create a great flow and dynamic between the 3 main spaces of the apartment. This flow was vital to the overall design of the project and enabled Hinojosa Design Studio to design each room with intricate details around the same core values.

Even though the apartment sits near the coastline of South Florida, Hinojosa Design Studio wanted the beautiful scenery to serve as a compliment to the sophisticated design that the they and the client wanted to create.