Project name: Los Pinos Residence

Location: Florida, USA

Architect: Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design

Interior Designer:  Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design


Los Pinos Residence is a sophisticated living environment with natural light, bold colour accents and a clean aesthetic

The great room is the introduction to the home. Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design’s intent was to create a space plan that will optimise both function and aesthetics from multiple angles within the room. Items have been selected and justified from a functional perspective, while making a statement that is stunning and timeless.

The great room is an open-concept in nature, so the challenge was to seamlessly connect the living and dining areas to each other and to the adjoining outdoor spaces. A mix of neutral tones and colour accents throughout creates zones that differentiate the living and dining areas but have them work together in their shared space.

All members of the family were considered while designing this residence. The family room is adjacent to the kitchen and has access to the outdoor living space, this family room is casual and informal. Furniture was carefully selected to be soft, comfortable, and durable. Separate areas for TV viewing and playing games have been arranged to support a variety of family activities.

The office vision was to create a sophisticated working environment with natural light, bold colour accents and a clean aesthetic. A comfortable working environment that also functions for lounging and watching TV was paramount in Kobi Karp’s design.

Erasing the boundaries between the exterior and interior spaces was accomplished by using outdoor elements inside and vice versa. Easy visual links are provided between the two spaces. The grey porcelain floor appears to seamlessly flow from the inside out with a simple change in texture.

The design is sophisticated and meets the client’s requirements for all family members. Every space designed individually for it needs, blending beautifully with the overall feel of the house. The office space is elegant and classy while the playroom is stylish and comfortable.

Overall, Kobi Karp’s vision was to create a place where the family can comfortably come together and enjoy each other. Furnishings, accessories and colour accents provide interest and the coldness of polished chrome is softened by wood elements. The high ceiling windows offer plenty of natural light to flood into the space.