Project Name: Kensington House

Location: London

Interior Designer: Prestige Architects

Architect: Prestige Architects

Construction Company: Rigby & Rigby

This project involved the merging of two buildings to provide one single family residence. The building sits within a conservation area in the heart of Kensington in London, so the development had to stay true to its roots. The client already owned the house and purchased a commercial unit next door in order to redevelop and amalgamate with the existing residence to create a larger and more luxurious property.

It was a great opportunity to marry two buildings and extend the footprint of the house. Prestige Architects excavated all the lower ground floor to create a more comfortable space – maximizing the use of paving lights. The design direction was of a contemporary approach in line with the client’s taste and requirements. Details, material and colours are the visual and tactile links between the spaces; ensuring continuity to the experience and consistency to the eyes. This was achieved despite using different materials for each bathroom – creating an elegant and subtle surprise.

All joineries were designed and bespoke to the project and the client’s requirements. The stones were specifically selected to ensure a balance between each room. Prestige Architect’s favourite aspect of the project is how they managed to ensure the use to connect, visually, the front of the house with the back, creating a link between all the living areas: keeping them divided and maximizing the existing change of level and natural light.