Project Name: A Detached Family House in Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date Completed: January 2019

Interior Designer: Adela Cabré

Architect: Blanch & Conca

Construction Company: Cardoner

A detached family house in Barcelona, in which Adela Cabré Interiorismo were enlisted for to design all interiors, in addition to supplying all the furniture which was bespoke. The designers started with nothing for this project but worked in very close synchronisation with the clients and the architectural team to achieve a luxurious home. Adela Cabré Interiorismo wanted to reach this luxury aspect by means of the great amplitude of space and the use of materials of the highest quality, without falling into ostentation, or by expressly wishing to “stand out “.

The designers took into account the sensorial character of choosing the right materials, thereby giving the project quality and warmth, and a neutrality in the colour palette, bringing harmony of style, a pleasant atmosphere, one that would invite relaxation, inspiration and joy. Working from this stance, Adela Cabré Interiorismo projected spaces considering, not only natural light but the artworks that would be incorporated into those spaces.

Through their design, Adela Cabré Interiorismo gave the dwelling a comfortable and intuitive flow, taking advantage of those “useless” spaces to design bespoke furniture throughout the whole house by considering different atmospheres, bestowing them with quality use, nooks and crannies for culture, the care of oneself, and affection. In this way the house allows for being together or being independent, a fluid easy movement and the use of space that permits a conscious idea of living, by

The project was adapted to the needs of the client and considers the use and functions of the space designed to fulfil those needs.  It is an interesting project on paper, carefully executed and developed in total harmony, not only with the client but with the team working on the project. Adela Cabré Interiorismo made sure that the house had a coherent style, each space having its own personality in the knowledge that true luxury resides in the appreciation of giving value to each aspect of the design itself.