Project name:  Heron Residence

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Date completed: 2018

Architect: Dominika J. Rostocka

Interior Designer: Dominika J. Rostocka

Developer: DR Limited, Poland

Construction Company: DR Limited, Poland

The idea was to create an elegant and stylish interior with refined details.

The investor wanted to create a space that would refer to the new classic interior style. Investors are family members, they like to spend time at home, the lady of the house loves flowers and greenery. This house was created to receive guests and feast frequently. The task was to arrange a stylish, functional interior with an individual character. They also request for the property to have a unique and individual interior design with attention to detail, to have Interaction and composition of different materials and lastly to be an atmospheric interior.

DR Limited Poland suggested that that the atmosphere in the interior should be subdued and they therefore chose high quality materials to achieve this aim. The initial visualization of the interior was immediately welcomed. Each element had its own unique design, the designer wanted all elements to be non-commercial.

Throughout the property there are no ready-made parts that have be purchased all elements are uniquely made for the purpose of the property, this helped to create the effect of uniqueness and personal style.

The designer always creates her own pieces for all unique projects that she creates. This has meant that the production and quality was high for the project which is evident in the final project. DR Limited, Poland has been cooperating with furniture, glass, metal manufactories for 20 years which shows through the finish of the property.

All interior elements have been designed in a spirit of unified vision. Doors, furniture, lamps and stucco were made by hand. The design of the interior was done In a manor which ultimately reflects DR Limited Poland’s past work. To reflect DR limited’s work, but also to refer to current global trends in metalworking and upholstered furniture.