Project name: Garden of Eden




Developer: Graha Famili Residence

Construction Company: Cartide Company
The client for BK Interior Design’s Garden of Eden project wanted a family home to reflect the blended elements of his Indonesian and Oriental culture, as well as creating a sense of adventure for the residents. The family are also adherents to the Catholic religion, and so inspired the concept for the Garden of Eden. BK Interior Design presented this using a combination of textures and materials which allude to the client’s culture in the details of the project, but focused on combining nature and luxury to illustrate their representation of the Garden of Eden.

This project stands on an area of 500 square meters, in one of the prestigious residential areas in Surabaya, Indonesia. Surrounded by lush and verdant greenery, the illustration of nature flows into the home with a natural colour scheme, wooden floors and the addition of luxuriant greenery throughout the interiors. BK Interior Design elevate this concept with touches of gold and luxury throughout the home to unite nature and splendour. In the communal family resting area, an abundance of natural light is united with a golden accented Serip lighting piece to portray a warm and inviting atmosphere with added opulence. Shades of gold with special hand painting reinforce the impression of luxury and wealth, in accordance with the description for luxury and prosperity from “Garden of Eden”.

BK Interiors highlight oriental culture in the details within communal areas such as the kitchen and dining area. The dark tone with linear golden features emanates modern luxury, juxtaposing the marble textures and natural elements that create a scenic atmosphere. The combination of green and light ash colours used in the marbled bathroom define a calming tone to the natural motif. The light colours of white and grey as the focal point are combined with green to represent nature along with a modern classic interior style. The golden touches remain for the luxurious ambience, though is grounded by added touches of darker, earthier colours.

Heading to basement, BK Interior Design implemented a home theatre, which fulfils the clients need for a family home with affluence. The combination of green and wooden accents again convey nature and the garden, and this along with the perfect sound system, makes this room a favourite for the whole family.