Project Name: Dormers

Location: Henley-on-Thames

Date Completed: 2018

Architect: DP Architects

Construction Company: Charles Posher

The home owners of this new build property in Henley-on-Thames wanted to create their dream home that formed a seamless connection between the home and garden. They wanted to try and create a home that appeared to be floating within their large, flat garden. To achieve this aesthetic, they wanted to have a platform that the property was sat upon, constructed of grey cold toned stone work, that lifted the property high off the ground in an ornamental style.

DP Architects were commissioned to design this stunning modern home, ensuring that a vast array of glazing was used to maximise the properties light intake. The homeowners wanted a large hallway with a double height guillotine window installed as well as large open apertures to enhance the seamless indoor-outdoor living environment. Not only did the homeowners want to create a seamless connection to the outdoors on the ground floor level, but they also wanted to achieve this through various large balconies with frameless balustrades leading from the first-floor rooms.

To accentuate the floating aesthetic, minimally framed glazing systems were desired for use on this project as this style of glazing doesn’t interrupt the surrounding views. A modern design was required, but the homeowners also wanted to ensure that the external design of the property blended with the surrounding rural environment, therefore natural materials were used on the external façade including wooden cladding and stone.

To further enhance the ‘floating’ aesthetic the brief was to create a building that stretched over a wide span of land. To further highlight this, the external façade was to be finished in long horizontal strips of single strips of different colours to stress the length of the contemporary home.

The use of large glazing units was paramount during this project, combined with modern glazing technology the property is provided with a real sense of indoor-outdoor living. The main key feature of this project was the design and installation of a double height minimal guillotine window system. This vertically sliding sash window was designed to be counterweighted; this allows the homeowner to lift the lower pane which draws down the top pane causing all panes to line up with the fixed centre pane. The space where the lower pane was, now becomes a fully open transition between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.