Project name: Decode + Deconstruction

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date completed: December 2018

Hotel Group/ Developer: John Boyd

Working within the confines of a classic American Hamptons-style, Blainey North’s design sought to subvert the predictable with a twist of the unexpected.

Infusing philosophies of the Dutch De Stijl Movement and one of its prime thinkers, artist Piet Mondrian, Blainey North defined the interior through a reduced abstraction of form and colour. Calibrating a sense of proportion and ordered symmetry with chance flashes of colour the project becomes a fusion of contemporary art and traditional style. The detailing throughout is a lineal representation of the Palm Beach coastline

Moments of delight include the hidden bar which, when open, transforms a daytime space into a magical, gleaming entertaining area. Inspired by the era of Frank Sinatra and his famous raising of the Bourbon Flag for drinks hour, the opening of the bar is a fantastic moment of great theatre.

The porthole inspired rounded windows in the Master Suite. They prove to be a simplistic yet effective design solution which enables you to take a shower in privacy whilst still enjoying the sublime beachfront views out to the harbour and beyond.

The clients brief was to create a classic Hamptons-style beach house from the exterior however upon entering, it should surprise their guests with an unexpected interior. The design was able to achieve both, revealing supersized architectural gestures along with meticulously decorated traditional moulded panelling. The dramatic double height void which sits over the dining table has two story metal chains wrapped in Yves Klein blue leather, creating a drama and unexpected glamour within its seemingly conservative surround. This pop of electric blue is intertwined into many of the hand-crafted details of the interior successfully creating the feeling of familiar yet unique luxury.

Situated on an iconic trophy beachfront Sydney location, the home and its planning prove to seamlessly interact with the natural reserve and beach using a set-back cabana pavilion which mirrors the architecture of the residence. The entertaining area which acts to shield the home offers both privacy to the occupiers and a welcoming nature to the neighbouring environment.