Project name: Clifton Splendour

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Architect: Jane Visser of Visser Architects

Interior Designer: Schané Anderson

This was a client-centred project – as are all Olala Interiors’ projects. The company loves the fact that their clients are well travelled, enlightened and authentic. Her clients usually have very strong opinions and definitely know what rock their boats.

The project came about as a surprise. With the trucks loaded to install another house for her client, Schanè and her team were informed of a change of plan: The house they were primed to furnish had been sold, and in its place was an exclusive Clifton property, designed by Jane Visser of Visser Architects. Schanè had to go back to the drawing board.

In the end it took her a matter of weeks to turn the project around, to find exclusive designer pieces, hunt for fabulous art, and for the team at the Olala Interiors factory, to make the custom designed cabinetry. To pull off a project of this magnitude is testament to the relationships Schanè fosters with her clients. The trust in and success of the execution is a result of her knowing her client’s preferences and building good lines of communication.

Four storeys, five bedrooms, 3.9 m-high ceilings, bare white walls and panoramic views from the Twelve Apostles to Clifton’s beaches. This was the blank canvas that Schanè had to work with. The views, seen through tall sash windows, are now framed in lush black velvet drapes. The home’s magnificent proportions, allow for expressive styling with volumes of epic wall space for beautiful imported wallpaper and local art, are the work of architect Jane Visser.

The slightly exaggerated Edwardian proportions make the house feel grand despite its awkwardly shaped grounds and conceal the modern features. The high ceilings, for example, have a void above them for the air-conditioning ducts, with a vent detail between the double cornices designed by Jane’s team, the scale of which also corrects the proportions.