Project name: The Biltmore

Location:  Palm Beach, Florida

Date Completed: 2017

Architect: Shawn Leonard Architects

Interior Designer:  Brian Worthington & Associates

Construction Company:   Hedrick Brothers Construction


The Biltmore was constructed in 1926 as a Spanish themed Alba. The penthouse at the Biltmore had 19 weeks to completely strip and redo the entire 3,800 square foot penthouse, with over 50 men being in the apartment at any one time.

This historical building is in the heart of Palm Beach. The penthouse, which has uninterrupted views of the intercoastal, and the ocean was completely renovated and designed with a gentle nod to Palm Beach with the clients asking for a beach house vibe so Brian Worthington & Associates gave them a beach house in the penthouse. Brian Worthington & Associates have provided a blend of contemporary and vintage pieces with refined details, yet with a relaxed and inviting interior. This is a sophisticated space for all to enjoy.

Casual yet inviting was of paramount importance for the client and their extended family and friends. With the first piece of artwork being purchased being a Sean Scully the colours were shades of blue which set the tone for the interiors, picking up colours from the intercoastal and the ocean.

Being under immense pressure and handing over the penthouse in 19 weeks was a true test of a talented team including the architect, contractors, and all the vendors. Like all interior design, together we stand in creating beautiful, cohesive spaces without any compromise. As with all projects there is a great connection between the architecture, the interior and the location. It is a wonderful combination that ticks all the boxes of appropriateness.

The design works so well because it met the client’s requirements of keeping it casual yet refined. With Brian Worthington’s experience of working in Palm Beach, he achieved a gentle nod to the local surrounds and to the history of Palm Beach.

The dark pieces of vintage furniture were recoloured and finished into a light pale driftwood colour that you would see on the beach. It is a truly unique penthouse. In Palm Beach there are only a few penthouses, and this is a unique one that has both intercoastal views and ocean views.