Project name: Bal Harbour Residence

Location:  Surfside, Florida

Date Completed: 2019

Architect: Reines & Straz

Interior Designer:  Sarah Zohar

Construction Company:  Le Prestige LLC

This sunny residence located on the waters of Bal Harbour beach is brought to life in this stunning work of interior design, where two separate condos combined into one home. Art and furniture work together to integrate the impressive scenery of the ocean views.

Each room has a clear personality that creates a unique space for each individual while maintaining the overall theme of artistic design. While no two rooms are styled alike, the similarity between them is that art and furniture complement each other seamlessly throughout the entire apartment.

Sarah Z Designs completely gutted the dual condos which, as a result now boasts a total of 5400 square feet removing all the walls, lowering and raising the ceilings, and relocating the electrical structured wiring. Art, religion, family, and culture are brought to life throughout the home with something charming to see at every turn. The walls are adorned with sculptures and religious objects as well as re-framed original artwork.

The open living room contains pops of blue that was inspired by a large painting of a rabbi amidst a blue background. The dining room featured a formal dining table, with a trio of paintings that are a collection of the State of Israel, surrounded by white Jerusalem stone. One challenge for Sarah Z Designs was designing the kosher kitchen which features a separate dairy and meat section, a double sink, white shaker cabinets, and white Neolith counter tops with a silver backsplash. Sarah uses transparent ghost chairs in the kitchen and the informal dining table so the stunning ocean views aren’t blocked and accentuated the ceilings in each area so that the design would flow seamlessly together.